Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baptism of Hemalatha Aunty

22nd July,2007 may not be a special day and for many others it was just another sunday. But for Hemalatha Aunty & us this was a special day as she was going to get baptised today. Hemalatha aunty is mother of Anthony who along with his wife Navaja became disciples last year. Come and follow me along to see the pics of the baptism.
After the church service we all went to an condominium where Chu kee stays. As soon as we reached the place, it started raining. Thanks to him for opening his house for us so that we could find shelter there and also have time of sharing and encouragement for Hemalatha aunty.

We Praise God for bringing Hemalatha aunty to Kuala Lumpur all the way from Hyderabad, India for this special purpose.

To God be the Glory

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Ravi Sharma said...

Very very very inspiring. God bless u all in KL.

Ravi Sharma, New Delhi, India