Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bukit Tinggi Trip

We went to Bukit Tinggi with Danny, Anita, Philip, Su Yin & Yu Chen on 2nd June 2007 as it was public holiday due to Agong's (King) B'day. We stayed in Meranti Apartment Suite.
This is Photo i took from the balcony. A View of Bukit Tinggi from the balcony.

Yu Chen, Su Yin, Margrat, Anita (left to right)

Rabbit Park

Yes, there were donkeys also in Rabbit Park.

This one really liked Philip..

Colmar Tropicale, A French-themed Resort

See Tour De L' Horloge Clock Tower to know the time we entered...

French Themed Village

We Selected... We Painted..

Love Spoken Here... Come our house to see this...
After this painting the truth got revealed that wives are better in painting.

We had wonderful steamboat dinner. It's good to be married.

Happy Anniversary to Philip & Su
Now you know from where Yu Chen learn to smile... from her parents.

Next day we took communion and then went to visit Japanese Village.

Then we went to Botanical Garden, which is next to Japanese Village.

Largest Orchid in the World, Read description below... Malaysia Boleh

Description - Largest Orchid in the World

We had Good Time of fun, food & bonding with each other.


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